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W3b Strategy
The thought of developing your website can be daunting. We're here to help.
W3b Design & Development
If you want to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, it is important that your online space reflects the same professionalism found in your products and services.
What is the difference between design & development?
W3b Design
W3b design & maintenance services refer to "how the site looks". This includes the template, corporate identity logos and the general look and feel of the site. Our web design services focus on user-friendly navigation, cross-browser compatibility and an easy to read content layout. Images and logos are usually optimized for the internet and load fairly quickly compared to logos designed for print. Content on the site is usually provided by the client during initial site development though a maintenance agreement can be negotiated for continued support.
W3b Development
W3b development services refer to "how the site works". This generally involves w3b and database programming and is usually needed for interactive sites that need to respond to various user requests. Dynamic sites generally provide customized content for each user and often have a password protected section that is tailored to meet each user's preferences.Most sites require a blend of both design and development with the greater load of hours leaning towards the design and maintenance aspect. Take a look at the procedures & protocols involved in getting online presence.
So how much will it cost me?
Every project is unique and cannot be generalized. It is, however, possible to get a pretty good idea of how much the task will cost based on the expectations it is required to fullfil. Interested in online space of your own? Do take a minute to review and fill out our online presence planner that will help you plan the cost implication among other things.