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W3b Strategy
Plan your available time and resources with our online presence planner... and keep frustration at bay.
W3b Strategy & Planning
It is fairly simple to get online presence through us. If you do not have a domain yet, we can assist you in registering and hosting one. The entire procedure can be accomplished in the 7 easy steps listed below.
How do we get started?
When initiating a website project, planning is always the first step, and the most vital. We begin by identifying your goals and website objectives. Your needs and expectataions for the website, how it will help your business save money and/or make additional money among other questions must be answered.
01. Consultation & Intel Gathering
First step is to touch base with you to determine the purpose of your online space and to gather information on your target audience. In order to achieve this, StudioSaba has prepared a document to help take the guesswork out of the equation -- please take some time to review, fill and return the online presence planner.
02. Planning & Fine-tuning
Textual and imaging content is collated and the need for either modification or extra content is discussed. It is then organized in a way that will allow visitors to your site to quickly find what they are looking for and allow high priority functions of your site to operate smoothly.
03. Quotation, Budgeting & Service Level Agreement
Based on the information provided, we then provide you with a written eQuote. Billing is based on the man-hour concept. If you consent to the proposed quotation, you will also be expected to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) defining items such as timelines, deliverables and delivery dates.
04. Concept Design & Development
A draft design (look and feel) in form of web page samples are prepared for your approval. Database implementation (if required) is custom-designed to fit the functions of the website. During development, you shall be kept up to date with progress reports as required.
05. liveDrive
During (and sometimes after) development, the site is made available to you and a select panel of beta testers on the liveDrive portal allowing you to 'test-drive' it - this portal allows you to review and sample site response under load. It also allows you to keep your site tucked away from your target audience until you are ready to roll out.
06. Publishing
After approval and completion of payment, the site goes live, making it available to the general w3b public. You are also provided with FTP and cPanel credentials to give you full access and control to your domain/site - this only applies if StudioSaba is responsible for your hosting and/or mailbox management.
07. Maintenance & Updates
After roll-out, StudioSaba continues to monitor your online portal so as to enable us make relevant suggestions for improvement in specific areas -- usually the most important and relevant pages.